Millions in Profits for All: This Start-up Makes It Possible!

Every working-class person dreams of doing it: working for just one year and bringing home a million dollars. This is exactly the promise made by the multi-million-dollar financial technology firm, Such bold claims need testing. Fortunately for you, our editorial team did just that. Here’s the fact check!

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the world’s first legitimate digital currency. Being entirely digital means there are no notes or coins. However, the network allows for the exchange of value in much the same way as the dollar or pound does. The Bitcoin system relies on a chain of blocks, each containing data about transactions occurring on the network. This blockchain is almost impossible to adjust, making the system very secure.

The network has a clear set of rules that give each unit of Bitcoin (BTC) money-like properties. Each “coin” can only be spent once, for example, and the total supply is fixed at 21 million. These rules are enforced by the largest network of computers ever known to humanity. To alter the rules in any way would require investing in enough computing hardware to overpower the other network participants. In doing so, the network (and all the specialist hardware bought for millions of dollars by the attacker) would be rendered useless. Such an attack would be so costly that it has never happened, and it is highly doubtful that it ever will.

People around the world are excited by the opportunity to use a currency which has no ties to any nation, bank, or government. Being strictly limited in supply, people also believe that the price of each BTC will continue to increase in the future. This has created a culture of immense speculation around Bitcoin.

What is

Put simply, is an immensely profitable system of automated cryptocurrency trading. It was created by a team of experienced stock market experts, with the assistance of Professor David McCoy of Cambridge University. The start-up itself was founded in the spring of 2017 with the aim of enriching everyday folk like you and me.

Doctor McCoy has developed the world’s first cryptocurrency trading algorithm. Using this patented technological innovation, anyone can make huge profits by trading Bitcoin and other digital assets. The best part: requires no knowledge of cryptocurrencies, markets, or trading. The algorithm takes care of everything for the user!

Already around the world, thousands of people have said goodbye to the rat race and started trading full-time using

How Does Work?

After making a deposit, all the user needs to do is hit the “start” button and begins to trade on their behalf. It’s fully automated and doesn’t even require users be logged in to generate risk-free profits.

The idea behind is simple. It relies on natural arbitrage opportunities between different cryptocurrency exchanges. When a trading venue is offering to sell Bitcoin at one price and another offers to buy it at a higher one, there is an opportunity to profit by executing the trades at the same time.

The trading bot at the heart of analyses the prices of various digital assets at different exchanges. It then identifies arbitrage opportunities and makes the trades for the user. That’s all there is to it. The idea is nothing new, however, automating it certainly is!

Why Does Work?

The unique, patented trading algorithm accesses historic digital currency price data and, using this, can identify when prices are different at different trading venues.

Professor McCoy explains how the algorithm works in layman’s terms:

“Everyone remembers how happy their parents were when they came home with a good grade from school. For most of us, a good grade meant happy parents. Just as a bad grade would result in unhappy or angry parents.

“Over the course of our education, it becomes more widely understood that good grades will make our parents feel positive and bad grades will make them feel negative.

“Similarly, the Cambridge Algorithm used by knows how the Bitcoin price will behave. It accesses more than 3 billion historical price data points, recognises similarities, and acts better than any expert ever could. That’s why so many folks are earning more with than they ever did at their previous jobs.

The Big Editorial Fact Check!

We put through its paces over the last month and have concluded that it is indeed legitimate. We emerged from the test a healthy $2,572 in profit with the absolute minimum of effort. Since the algorithm did it all for us, we just sat back and watched our initial investment grow. That’s why we’re confident in giving our official stamp of approval and recommending the platform to you.

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